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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This, That, and The Other Thing.

The Morning Glories DID bloom nicely, but the picture does not tell all. The bottom of the vines are almost devoid of leaves and those that are left are yellow and bug ridden. It's been a hard summer here in Iowa. Too much water. Too much heat. Too tropical for much of the Iowa foliage. I just read that it will be the new norm. Of course, that also means more snow! Hot humid summers and warmer, snowier winters...hmmm. I wonder what will grow in that?

Ragbrai, Vacations, and Visiting all under our belts this summer, it is time to turn back to the House. We have met more neighbors and that makes it feel a little homier. The 13 year old next door has looked after our cat. We have shared tools and information, and commented on the weather. Doesn't get much better than that! My next job is to take out the old fence and prepare for a new one. My sister and my husband will be coming to help with that, although I don't know how much work Marcia and I will do. We both like to play.

I have spent my spare time making miniatures for my dollhouse and just bought a little maid doll to take care of it for me. It's quite the place. Another little girl dream come true.

Oh, by the way, I really enjoy fishing. Caught two nice bass. Who would have thunk it.

Inching along here in Des Moines.

Love you,

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are doing so well. I do miss you. I am going to HAVE to come and have lunch with you soon! Rosa