Tweets by @morningblend56 According to Mary: April 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adventure and Details

I just reread my last post. It sounded kind of scared, didn't it... I'm really not at all scared. I love adventure and I love solving problems in my head. I just don't know what the problems will be this time, nor will I...the whole trip. Now that's what I call adventure! Each day will be different. Different weather, different landscape, different people... I suspect I will learn much about being dependent on God and dependent on others, and for someone like me who hates to ask for help - that is enough adventure all by itself. Here's another whatif for you. "What if I get tired of adventure?"

We will need to get the house ready for my son, Jeff, to take care of this summer while we are gone. It will be a good learning experience for him and for us. I started a little notebook for him about how to clean the kitchen sink and how often to feed the cats....full of things that are just Details, Details - until you need them -and then they become Important Information. It IS a little frightening how many details you deal with on a daily basis...and I find details stressful - so trying to get the house ready for our absence is not as much fun as thinking about how to survive on the road for 8 weeks. (My dear children. You will learn a lot about your mother if you read this blog. I think I raised you in survival mode.)

Cal is's easy to wander around when you are writing these blogs. While Cal is busy training for the ride...I am still dreaming and making lists. Details, Details.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dreaming the What ifs

This "thing" will happen. I don't know what it's going to look like...but it will happen!

Cal and I will be camping on the road but
I don't know yet what I am going to be driving - my ability to plan is limited... so I just dream the "what ifs." "What if we don't have electricity?" "What if we don't have water?" "What if it's snowing in the mountains?" "What will I do while Cal's biking?" "What kind of food will he need?" "Will churches let me park my "rig" in their parking lots for the night?" I have solved all these problems in my head very creatively. I have biked with Cal enough to know what to expect each day, but all I did was bike at those times and let other people take care of the logistics. Now it is my turn.

The biking maps came the other day and Cal ordered me a set of my very own. The woman has maps!

I do know two cookbooks I will be taking along with me. I cooked out of the More With Less Cookbook from the beginning of our marriage until Cal took over the kitchen. Now it will be traveling with me again. The other cookbook is a North Woods Cabin cookbook. Lots of simple comfort food. "What if I don't have an oven?" "What if...? "What if...?" What if...?"