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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Retreat and Sherlock

Hello my dears,

My Morning Glories are so late this year!  And the vines are so thick.   It will be spectacular WHEN it happens and IF it happens before the frost.  They will cover the fence with glory.  Fingers crossed.

Back from an eight day silent retreat at Creighton's Retreat Center in Griswold which fed my Catholic-Lutheran Heart immensely.  Cal and I had a lot to tell each other when I got back and we ran to Costco where I experienced, behold, a GREAT Mass (no pun intended) of Humanity and oh my goodness-  they were ALL talking!! It amazed me.  I guess I was still coming up to the surface of the water after my deep dive into silence. (except for the shrill whine of mosquitoes.)

My Cloister Walk

For the last eight days, I have been attending a Catholic mass. It was good to be back in my home church were I could partake of communion.  I couldn't help but compare the alike and so different.  Fr. Paddy Gilger does a beautiful mass and I miss the quiet expectancy at the retreat center.  This morning was more joyous expectancy.  Both are wonderful.  I am lucky to be able to
have experienced both.

Creighton Retreat Chapel

Can't wait for new episodes of Sherlock on PBS.  My favorite show!  I read the book on retreat (when I needed to rest from all that silence) and was surprised that the rather autistic Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch  is not a far departure from the book!  Can't wait for more.
My 96 year old father is going on an Honor Flight to Washington DC next month.  Thrilled for him.
Wishing you all a bit of silence in your life,