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Friday, February 12, 2016

New Hobby - Origami

Folding paper is relaxing.
I remember seeing my mom take her knitting along to do on long trips.
I take paper.

Steep Roofs

Beaverdale houses have steep roofs.  Well, not all of them. But steep roof lines and rounded doors are some of the charm of a Beaverdale house.  One of the first things we did when we moved into our house was reshingle the back of the house.  Just the back.  It was in terrible shape.  The previous owner had new shingles put on the front of the house a few years ago.  Just the front. "How odd," we thought.  "Why would you replace the shingles on one half of such a small house?"  We figured it must me a cost saving measure.  He was an old man, probably on a fixed income. The shingles in the back of the house are slightly they couldn't find a perfect match.  Not that anyone one would notice.

These steep roofs take a beating way up there.  Ice jams, wind, rain, so I was not surprised that I noticed that the front of the house may need some roof attention in a couple of years.  But just the front.  Maybe we could do something really cool...just in the front.

It makes me laugh. The cycle continues.  Some day a future owner will scratch his head, wondering why these crazy people only shingle one half of the roof at a time.