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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ok.  Forget the sundial. That was last year.  On to the next subject.  Owls.

 This year we have a pair of neighborhood owls.  Great fun for all of us on Ashby Ave.  The wing span is startling as they fly from tree to tree on our street, often clutching their dinner in their claws.  And those round, all knowing faces staring at you from their perch...  Awesome.

After a grueling winter,  I have been making the rounds on Ashby welcoming the people coming out ftheir caves and greeting new neighbors.  That's what a long winter will do to you.... turn an introvert into an extrovert.

I shouldn't complain.  I took a early spring break to Savannah, Georgia, and soaked up a little sunshine with my sister-in-law.

We hosted Warm Shower bikers last week. Warm Showers is an organization that provides bikers with names of people who they can stay with while they are on bike trips.  We have only hosted twice and both times have been a delightful experience!  This couple had started from North Carolina and would be going to the west coast.  They brought back so many memories of our bike trip except they were carrying all their gear and more!  He was taking master level class as they traveled
and she had just been accepted into med school.  Amazing.  I was glad they were able to stay for a bit the next day and I drove them to their next stop.  No, that is not cheating.

Les Miserables is my bible right now.  Both the music and the story run through my head constantly.
It's such a rich story.  Cal is wishing I would find some other music to hum.

Happy Mother's Day.


One order for Tiny Castle Books sent to York, England