Tweets by @morningblend56 According to Mary: June 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today at Tiny Castle

Two years ago Cal and I were heading to Oregon to begin his Renewing Spirits bike Tour across the United States. It seems like a crazy idea now, but I am so glad we did it. We are still reaping the benefits of learning day by day living. Good Times!

My dad turned 92 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Dad! In 2007, He wrote about his life in a book called "My Story" and had it bound for each of his children. What a wonderful gift. I often think children think that their parents are part of THEIR story not realizing that moms and dads have stories of their own.

I inherited a handmade dollhouse, and even after removing an addition, could not fit it through Tiny Castles attic door. Right now it's serving as end table in the library.

It seems everything in the yard has a scale or a fungus or a very hungry caterpillar. This is why I hate gardening. Once I do the work of planting and weeding, I expect the growing to be done without my help. I keep hoping the plants will outgrow whatever is bugging them. Or maybe if it just stops raining....

Right now my favorite thing in the garden is watching the morning glories "twine." What a great word! A combination of twist and vine, which is exactly what they do. I hope they will flower too, but right now I am just enjoying the green creeping up my brick wall.

Projects in the house continue. Right now we are working on electrical stuff. Lights, ceiling fans. Someday... we will paint.

Two friends from Pella coming on Friday. Yea!
Well, the gutter guy is here. Soon we will have gutters...which with all this rain, is a good thing!