Tweets by @morningblend56 According to Mary: July 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh! What a Wonderful Birthday!

Cal informed me that I am now 54 years old. I'm always off by a year so it's nice to have a husband who keeps track of such things. On my birthday, Cal made crepes with hazelnut chocolate and strawberries for breakfast and my sister-in-law and husband came for dinner and a visit to the horse track. The fireworks after the races were, to borrow a word from my sister, "Glorious." I have never seen fireworks like that.

My sister has been visiting me for the past week and we have had a SPLENDID time messing about, exploring Des Moines. I hope she enjoyed her visit as much as I did. I am now planning good times for the next sister who flies into Des Moines on the 21st.

Work on Tiny Castle has slowed for the summer for company, vacations, and hobbies. All good things. We have a tight roof and a functional house and a life to live. Sometimes the amount of work the house still needs can distress's a pretty trick to keep motivated, thinking about how far we've come in 4 months and then how much is still needed. Deep sighs.

I have decided to look for a job this fall, after all the "sister visits" (I have two more sisters coming this summer) and vacations have ended. I am not sure what that will be...another adventure, I guess. I need to get back in an imposed routine. I am not good at being a kept woman for very long. :-)

And the morning glories have reached the light fixture above the front door.

Good times.