Tweets by @morningblend56 According to Mary: May 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Favorite Things

The newest and most interesting thing that has happened lately is that my daughter met her 1/2 sister this weekend! I am so happy for both of them...I thought about the birth mother often as Rachel was growing up and dreamed of meeting again someday and completing the circle. The mother died years ago, so that will never happen, but the meeting of the two sisters delights me more than I can say. They met in the town where we lived when Cal was in grad school and where Rachel was born and where the sister now lives. Madison, Wisconsin. History colliding all over the place. WOW.

Chuck, our builder extraordinaire, called our roof - chia roof. Moss was growing in the gutters and on the roof. I planted the moss in my shady Where-The-Wild-Things-Are garden, but the birds kicked it all up looking for worms. I thought to have an award winning exotic moss garden, but ain't going to happen. Meanwhile, my blue morning glories will soom be starting their climb around the front door. Can't wait!

I found a biking trail that suits me perfectly - about 12 level miles with food. I am enjoying biking again - in the city and exploring the trails. Another evidence of the childhood I seem to be recreating at Tiny Castle. An old favorite thing.

Cal made crepes Saturday night and filled them with hazelnut chocolate and warm die for. A new favorite thing.

This week I start Yoga. We'll see if that becomes a favorite thing, too.

Wishing you a day full of favorite things...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunrise at Tiny Castle

Good Morning!
It’s been a while since I have watched sunrise come to tiny castle.

The windows in the house now all have blinds or shades that I can open to let in the dawn. Such civilization!...and the small ritual of opening the house to bring in the day affords me much pleasure.

Today tiny castle gets a new roof. The back half of the house still sports the original cedar shakes from 1928. Don’t ask me why they only laid new shingles on the front half of the roof. I, too, am baffled by it, but I would guess only the front part of the roof was leaking.

I enjoy the backyard drama in my tiny garden. The birds, squirrels and rabbits seem to know each other very well and have developed a system of empting my bird feeder that keeps everybody happy. The squirrels climb the shepherd’s hook and hang upside down on the birdfeeder, tipping it so that the feed falls to the ground for the bottom feeders. Here comes everybody…the doves, the rabbits, all the scratchers and nibblers...The rabbits are skitterish when the squirrels are around and the squirrels are frightened of the rabbits so it’s great entertainment. Talk about a social network. Who needs facebook?

My daughter, Rachel and her husband will be going to Madison, Wisconsin to meet her ½ sister for the first time. They discovered each other sometime after Christmas and have been emailing and facebooking. I wish them both well. As Rachel says - “How do you prepare for a thing like that?”

Not working brings out a more domestic side of me. Today I am baking as I listen to my roof literally crumbling about my head.

And it’s a beautiful day here in Beaverdale.

And that’s the news from Tiny Castle.