Tweets by @morningblend56 According to Mary: October 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gratefully Yours

I am so grateful.

It's true.  The older you grow the more grateful you become.  I must be very old because I am very grateful!

My Tiny Castle Book shop continues to sell enough to keep me busy making miniature leather books. My job as a associate for special education keeps me in love with humanity in all its shapes and forms, and I have been forced to start writing again.  I am using my creativity in a zillion ways right now...sometimes I go to bed jittery with creativity...or is that coffee? :-)  I feel like I need to plan, design, create, paint, write, and love and I am learning to do it all at once.

The drought of this summer has brought us the gift of brilliant leaves.  Stunning leaves.  Take-your breath-away leaves.

Company's coming and that means Tiny Castle gets a good dusting. The guest room finally got some color on those cold white walls.  A rug on the floor and a down comforter on the bed.  It takes so long for us to get things done on the house, but it's so satisfying when it's done!

Did I tell you that I grew into a Grandma? 

We're always growing into something.

Gratefully Yours,