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Monday, July 20, 2009

Gone Fishing

My, it's hard to write a blog when you are not biking across the United States. The days of my life so often are just more of the same. I hate to think that my life is boring, but most of it is not blog-worthy.

Almost everyday Cal and I talk about where we were at this time last year. Remembering the day before he had his accident was very strange....knowing what would be happening to Cal within 24 hours. I am glad that preknowing is not a part of my everyday life.

We just spent a week at a cabin in Minnesota with another family. We've been doing this for years and now our wee ones are adults or almost. AND bringing spouses along! It a great thing to have this measuring stick for the changes in our families. As much as I fight against traditions with my rebellious spirit, this tradition makes sense to me and seems to work. There is something for everyone at the lake. My favorite is the loons....their wild laugh and haunting calls relax my spirit and remind me that I am not in my usual place. The men do all the cooking...catching fish and smoking meat. The water is clean, clean, clean and I feel I have better swimming abilities here in Minnesota. (At least my fat cells are more productive here, I can float forever.) This year I got a fishing license, but obviously the fish have nothing to fear from me. But the minnows might. I use them for bait and can heartlessly thread one on a hook all by myself. I read gobs of books, try to stay out of the sun and visit Park Rapids like an old friend. I get to know my children in a different longer tying to keep them safe and happy. That pressure is gone. Now they are fellow pilgrims, walking through their lives and discovering who God made them to be in their own ways. Not always easy to watch, but easier to simply love.

What else? I am trying to lose weight, and only having minor success. I am to be more structured and only having minor success. I am trying to be more honest with myself and only having minor success.

Cal and I are planning to move to Des Moines at some point in the next year and that seems to keep me on my toes and excited about the future. I will miss Pella more than I can imagine, but something drives us on...not for "more," but for different opportunities. But we have been happy in Pella.

So there you are...all caught up.
I celebrated another birthday and I'm 53 years old.
Hope all of you are thriving in God's plan to give you a hope and a future.